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The Acton Community Club, Inc. is a non-profit group responsible for the operation and maintenance of the Acton Community Center, which includes the Acton Arena, located at 3748 West Nickels Ave. The Community Club provides these facilities free of charge to ALL youth groups in Acton, according to their original charter and by-laws. Other civic groups and churches pay a fee for their meetings and events. When available, it is rented to outside groups for private parties.

The Acton Community Club is constantly striving to maintain and improve the facility, and is completely supported by donations and the nominal rents charged to these outside groups. They do not receive any monies from county or state agencies.

Membership in the Community Club runs for the calendar year and is $10 for individuals, $20 for families and $50 for businesses. Lifetime memberships are also available at $100 for indivicuals, $175 for families and $500 for business or organization. The club is governed by a board of elected officers and a representative from each youth and community group in Acton.

We invite you to become a member of the Acton Community Club and to participate in the activities and fundraisers at the Acton Community Center.

Acton Community Club Charter

In order to meet the requirements of the gift of the 2 1/2 acre parcel of land and the original 550 square foot structure (now the kitchen) from the Palmdale Rotary Club in 1955, the Acton Community Club agreed to provide use of the clubhouse facility to all Acton youth organizations free of charge; additionally, the Acton Community Club sponsors Boy Scout Troop 145 and Cub Scout Troop 145.

Building the 2400 square foot Clubhouse

The citizens of Acton and others responded generously with donations, volunteer labor, engineering, materials, etc. until the present building was accepted by the Los Angeles County Department of Building and Safety. The existing build is an example of an old-fashioned "barn raising." This was completed in 1986.

Board meetings are held the fourth Wednesday of each month at the Acton Community Center, 7:30 p.m., and are open to the public. An annual meeting is held in September.

For further information about the Acton Community Club or rental of the club facilities, contact Cal Oglesby at (661) 418-9269 or

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