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Volunteers on Patrol

Volunteers On Patrol are community-spirited citizens of the community who provide a minimum of 16 hours of their time per month to assist the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department performing non-hazardous patrol duties. It’s participants are made up of working people, retirees, and men and women of all races with varied backgrounds.

Volunteers On Patrol can be identified by their white uniform shirt, navy blue trousers and gold on blue shoulder patch. They work in teams of two in conspicuously identified vehicles supplied by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

The Volunteers On Patrol have various responsibilities, primarily non-hazardous duties, which have traditionally been performed by patrol deputies. This program; therefore, allows patrol deputies to perform the more hazardous duties that they have been trained to do, thus helping the Department to better achieve its goal of serving the community.

Listed below are some examples of the duties that Volunteers On Patrol perform:

- Patrolling the community for criminal activity
- Patrolling the community for safety hazards
- Conducting school safety checks
- Conducting shopping mall checks
- Conducting residential vacation cheks
- Conducting business checks
- Conducting park safety checks
- Patrolling for graffiti and property damage
- Conducting traffic control
- Performing non-hazardous directed patrol assignments
- Assisting disabled persons
- Assisting at Sobriety check points
- Issuing disabled parking citations
- Search for missing children

For more information or to join, contact Deputy Jordan Hegge Palmdale Sheriff's Station (661) 272-2604 or go online to

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